Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) collects a wide range of information to identify risks that could affect the current and future health and well-being of a person.

HRA is based on thorough assessment of the following key points:

  • Health status
  • Lifestyle behaviors
  • Family history
  • Work environment
  • Resident environment
  • Physical activity
  • Mode of transport
  • Basic financial details

A systematic and scientific approach without being overtly exhaustive is the key in implementing the HRA. The assessment questionnaire is designed for the specific population (Indian population).

The HRA report supports a Company in realizing its long-term health management goals by providing valuable information for setting priorities, establishing objectives, planning interventions and evaluating outcomes. A company can have the greatest impact on avoidable costs and health-compromising behaviors through an integrated population health management strategy.

Effective strategies include providing traditional and online health information; activities such as campaigns that attract widespread participation, well-designed incentives and creating a healthy organizational culture.