Lose to win (L2W)

“Lose to win” is a life style management program aimed at improving the quality of life. It is a systematic and scientific way of managing weight.

The objective of this program is to help the individual to overcome the inertia and achieve weight loss in a healthy manner.

Excess weight acts as a precursor to many life style related chronic disorders. The following table illustrates the effects of increased BMI and associated health risks.

BMI Health Status Associated diseases Risk associated

18.5 to 24.99




25.0 to 29.99

Over weight

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

2 times more than normal

30.0 to 34.99

Obesity class I

Low concentration, Lethargy, Strokes, Type 2 diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Gall bladder diseases

2 – 5 times more than normal

35.0 to 39.99

Obesity class II

Low concentration, Lethargy, sleep apnea, breathing problem, dyslipidemia, strokes, Type 2 diabeties, Gall bladder diseases

5 – 10 times more than normal

> 40.0

Morbid Obestiy

Low concentration, Lethary, sleep apnea, breathing problem, dyslipidemia, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers, Osteoarthritis, gall Bladder diseases

10 times more than normal

“Lose to win” - Step wise execution strategy

Step 1 : Individual body analysis : Body analysis involves doing simple physical tests like height, weight, waist measurement, BMI, BMR, Body fat percentage; Body muscle percentage, Daily calorie requirement, etc are calculated. Based on these calculations the individual health targets are set.

Step 2 : Diet recommendation : Every individual will be recommended a customized diet tailored to match his/her health target and desirable healthy weight loss. The diet will be made to suit individual taste, eating habits, likes and dislikes, etc.

Step 3 : Physical activity : The participants are given destinations to reach virtually. The progress towards the target is monitored with the help of a pedometer. This ensures that participants undergo physical activity, which will aid in weight loss as well as have a healthy life style.

Step 4 : Diet and health monitoring : We will continue to support every individual to achieve a successful outcome and meet the health targets. The dietitian will be available once every fortnight for the participants, onsite or on call and once every month for assessments.

Flow chart of the weight management program:

Results :

The following are the results of Lose to win conducted for a software company with branches in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Noida.

71 people participated in this program, the results published here are after 2 months of starting the program.