On campus health care or Medical Room Management (MRM)

This includes setting up of a medical clinic within the premises of the corporate or a residential complex to deliver primary health care and emergency care to the residents or employees of the corporate. The deliverables for the onsite clinic include:

Deliverable 1: Provide the services of a trained nurse on 08/12/24 hrs basis.

The responsibility of nurses will be limited to:

  • Provide emergency care by dispensing OTC drugs to employees.
  • Provide primary healthcare to employees.
  • Maintain a daily case register to record the number of employees reporting ill and report a monthly data.
  • Escalate to management (as per the agreed protocol) any cases/ situations that cannot be managed by the nurses
  • Keep stock of the medicines and equipment in the medical room and inform the management.

Deliverable 2: Provide the services of a duty doctor on 02/04/08/12 hrs basis.

The responsibilities of the doctor will be limited to:

  • Provide emergency and first aid care to the employees.
  • Attend to minor health problems of employees.
  • Prescribe or dispense drugs for relief of any ailment.
  • Follow good industry practice and dispense his / her duties.
  • Maintain confidentiality and good morals.
  • Handle escalations by the nurse or report it to management.
  • Refer or accompany the employee to the nearest hospital in case of any serious condition or emergency situation.

Deliverable 3: Provide ambulance services on 24x7 basis stationed at corporate premises

  • Ambulance will be fitted with oxygen cylinder, stretcher and first aid kit.
  • Driver for 24 hours on duty for 7 days a week.
  • The ambulance will be equipped with emergency medicines.